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Jonathan Kiteboarding




Head Instructor / Owner

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Born in Nassau but raised on the island of San Salvador and since then, I have been the only Bahamian practicing kiteboarding on this little piece of paradise every windy day on these crystal clear waters satisfying my growing passion for kiteboarding. When the opportunity to share my knowledge showed up, I jumped on it, traveling all the way to the Dominican Republic Cabarete Centre to increase my knowledge of kiteboarding. There I learned a lot of new techniques on how to become a Professional Kitesurfing Instructor to progress in the right path. Working with different schools from Canada and Cabarete gaining a huge amount of valuable experience and wisdom from great kiters that cross my path, I now pass my passion by teaching to whoever is ready to learn kiteboarding in San Salvador while also continuing to progress and push my own limits to become the best kitesurfer in The Bahamas.


About the company


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As a customer, you are the core focus of Bahamas Kitesurfing. From the locations to the equipment and even down to how each lesson is planned, everything is carefully chosen and arranged uniquely for each client and the goals they want to accomplish while offering the best services to make sure that everyone taking lessons, rentals, or any other services with Bahamas Kitesurfing, reaches their goals safely with a huge smile of accomplishment and excitement on their face at the end of every session.


Building off the foundation of San Salvador Kitesurfing, my mission continues to be the same in providing the best kiteboarding experience and services in San Salvador for all levels of kitesurfers but now expanded upon a bigger ambition and vision moving forward to add better and unique services for all clients and to expand by bringing those service to some of the best locations in The Bahamas.

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